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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/5/2016

Blog! Engaging with creators

I've written a blog abut engaging with creators ! Please read it!
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• 2/2/2016

Community Guidelines

I've created a first draft for community guidelines for the wiki. Please read throug them and come with feedback.
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• 1/27/2016

Links to wookieepedia?

Just found out how to link to the star wars wiki.  A great example is on Campaign Episode 45.
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• 12/22/2015

How To Alphabetize?

Is there a way to make the Featured Games Page alphabetized, like the Performers page is?  If you know how or figure it out, would you teach me?  Thanks!
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• 12/19/2015

One Shot Box

I wish the template for One Shot had an option to post the last chronological episode, like the Campaign template does.  So far, there are two series which would be immensely improved by this feature, which would tie together both sets of Inspector Jackie Can't Catch A Break adventures, and the two Crazy Partiers sets of adventures.  I put links in the text to the left, but it would be so much more efficient to have that as an option in the box.  Can this be done?
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• 12/17/2015

Goofs vs Bits

Hey eveyone, I am absolutely loving the wiki! There is some amazing work that has gon in to it so far. The folks working on the bounty hunter names and cataloging episodes are amazing.
One thing that is kind of confusing me is the use of the word "goof" to describe the bits we do on Campaign.
I totally understand the need for a word to describe nthat stuff, I just kinda think that word should be "bits." It's the word that we use on the air and the word all the ONE SHOT folks use off mic too.
If there is areason we should be saying "goofs" that I guess I am open to it. Honestly though I kinda love "bits."
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• 12/17/2015

Renaming One Shot Episodes

We had kinda talked about having R2-D20-bot renaming all of the One Shot episode pages from things like 'Episode Twelve' to 'Episode 12'. I just had him rename all of the Critical Success episodes, since they were named like garbage before, and everything went smoothly. 
I can put him to work on the One Shot episodes but I want to make sure we want to do this before he goes changing every thing.
The main issues with this are possibly adding a bunch of double redirects, which R2D20-bot cant fix because of a bug with all the Tryst redirects, and spamming everyones email with page has been changed emails that the 27 emails I just got for Critical Success would attest to.
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• 12/17/2015

Sound Bites!

Should we include sound bites in the plot summaries?  If so, does anyone know how to do it?  What makes me ask this is one I've heard other people post on other places, from Episode 20.  I've transcribed it and made a notation of where to find it, but I thought it might be awesome to put a "Listen" thing there, like the one that directs to Kat's explanation of KAT.
Please chime in!  I'm still not sure just how detailed and revealing the plot summaries should be.  Tell all?  Hints?  Great reminders?
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• 12/19/2015

Double redirects.

I've been playing around with the bot and noticed it has some maintenance options like fixing double redirects. I tried it but it errors out on the tryst entries which look like they're bugged out. They appear to already be fixed but they are still listed there for some reason. 
I don't know if an admin needs to take a look at it or what, but if someone can help me figure this out that would be great.
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• 12/15/2015

Troig Names

Okay so Troig (the two headed dudes) have made quite a few appearances in Campaign (noteably Framboise and ??? & Johnny Appleseed and George Lucas). The question is, how do we make pages for them? Do the heads share a page, get their own pages, or both? Do we even have a name for Framboise's other head? How do we write the names of the combined body?
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• 12/14/2015

About the "Evil" Campaign...

A couple questions about how we should change the wiki once the Evil Campaign starts being released.
1. Should it be it's own page/catagory or should it stay under the Campaign umbrella?
1a. If we do classify them as Campaign episodes, how do we chronologically catagorize the episodes that happen at the same time as "good" campaign episodes?
2. How do we catagorize characters that are NPCs in one podcast, but are PCs in the other?
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• 12/14/2015

Naming series and searchability

I'm trying to create pages for the various RPGs featured in One Shot here, and then have a pgae for each RPG with info on the system, where to get it and the episodes that feature it like I've done here. I'm also creating a page for each series, with links to the episodes and the systems featured on it like I've done here. Since a lot of the series are named after the system, I've put "Series:" before an entry to indicate that it refers to the sreies of episodes rather than the system. This however has created another problem, when searching, the sries doesn't show up unless I start with Series. Infact, searching for a single word in the title doesn't even retrun the page a result in the search results. So when we have a seires that have it's own name, like "Inspector Jackie Can't Catch a Break" searching for "Inspector Jackie" doesn't even suggest the right page as an option. Any suggestions as what to do to make the series pages searchable?
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• 12/17/2015

A bot for new episodes!

We could get a bot account that automatically adds new episodes as they come out,wich would ensure that new episodes are added timely and unaffected by the editors workflow. Good alround. Wikias rules states that the community needs to be in agreement over this though, so if you read this, give it kudos and post a hearty "aye" and I can get this sorted in no time!
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• 12/14/2015


I've been checking the task list for things you can do to improve your wiki. One of the things you cad do is add a chat. It's in prototype so no guarantee it'll work perfectly. Is this a fature we'd want?
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• 12/13/2015

List of Bounty Hunters

I love this list!  Not sure how to edit the cell boxes, but I think that all of the quotes attributed to Johnny O'Mara should be changed to Leenik, since Bacta is also quoted.  
Should Raptorn be Rap Torn (probably related to Rip Torn)?
Is it Tuam or Twom?
Is it Untrustworthy Doug?
Should both Flip Flop and Flipflop be there?
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• 12/13/2015

Campaign: Episode 45

Also, the box on Episode 45 says "44".  And I don't know how to change it!
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• 12/13/2015

Campaign: Episode 46

There is a box that I don't know how to edit.  Dr. Kobral should be changed to Dr. Kabral.  If you fix this and want to teach me how, I will appreciate it!
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• 12/12/2015

Campaign Spelling Protocols

1. Is it BHIKKE (Bounty Hunting Intergalactic Kidnapping and Killing Expo) or BIKKE (Bounty-hunting Intergalactic Kidnapping and Killing Expo)?
2. How is the drug that Bacta is addicted to spelled?  (Phonetic lee-sigh)
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• 12/12/2015

Such an exciting way to participate in Campaign!

This is a cool collaboration of clever correspondents all cooperating to compose a comprehensive guide to my all-time favorite podcast!  Kudos to everyone!!  This rocks!
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