In which the boys are no better than they should be. Listen!

Opening Crawl

Abduction! Paradoxically, in order to keep their covert activities undetected, the crew of the Mynock have subdued three out of the five officers aboard the Lode Mining Corp. Faced with the desperate need not to attract any more Imperial attention, our heroes have opted to shoot the moon and kidnap every officer aboard the Lode Mining Corp. How could this possibly be a bad idea?

Plot Summary


  • Force and Destiny Roll: 2 Light Side and 2 Dark Side

Dear Mynock Letter

Dear Leenik,
I'm hoping that your advanced knowledge of romance can help me with my problem. Several years ago I fell deeply in love with a visitor to my world. I was swept off my feet with her exotic ways and dashing style. She was beautiful, intelligent, and extremely talented. Unfortunately, once she had completed her archaeological dig on my planet, she left me behind like so much dirt. I considered leaving home to try and track her down, but my royal duties here mean I would be abandoning a lot of responsibility and I don't have much experience making it on my own. Should I try and forget about her--she seems to have forgotten about me--or should I take a risk and pursue my love?
Thank you,
Lonely on Lindstra