Inquisitor Louphan Harune is in charge of tracking down The Mynock.

The character was created because of a botched deception check against Jorj Car'das in Episode Twelve when Bacta described her as a bounty hunter named Louphan Harune. However, even Car'das knows that  Louphan Harune is an Imperial Inquisitor, a position under which someone like Aava works. She is ruthless and has a very bad reputation of always attaining her nefarious goals.[1],

She first comes into contact with the Mynock crew during the Mandalore Arc.

Physical Despcription

There are conflicting descriptions of Louphan's age and hair color. The latter is more recent and therefore probably more kanan.

  • In the Mandalore Arc, Louphan is described as a human woman in her mid-thirties with darker skin and black hair. She wears her hair up in intricate braids in a "severe bun." She wears a tartan-style, peplumed jacket with riding pants and knee-high boots, all black and gray.[2]
  • In Evil Campaign, Louphan is described as a human woman in her early fifties with silver hair pulled back into a "too large" severe bun. Her bun is held by a black metal sphere that looks like the Imperial symbol. She wears a "somewhat armored" high-necked black coat.[3]

On twitter she was verified as 5'10" (178cm). On tumblr her age has been verified as 51, born in 65BBY.


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