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Inquisitor Louphan Harune is in charge of tracking down The Mynock.

The character was created because of a botched deception check against Jorj Car'das in Episode Twelve when Bacta described her as a bounty hunter named Louphan Harune. However, even Car'das knows that  Louphan Harune is an Imperial Inquisitor, a position under which someone like Aava works. She is ruthless and has a very bad reputation of always attaining her nefarious goals.[1],

She first comes into contact with the Mynock crew during the Mandalore Arc.

Physical Despcription

There are conflicting descriptions of Louphan's age and hair color.

  • In the Mandalore Arc, Louphan is described as a human woman in her mid-thirties with darker skin and black hair. She wears her hair up in intricate braids in a "severe bun." She wears a tartan-style, peplumed jacket with riding pants and knee-high boots, all black and gray.[2]
  • In Evil Campaign, Louphan is described as a human woman in her early fifties with silver hair pulled back into a "too large" severe bun. Her bun is held by a black metal sphere that looks like the Imperial symbol. She wears a "somewhat armored" high-necked black coat.[3] On twitter she was verified as 5'10" (178cm).


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