"I know how to get my hands on a butt load of money. I could fill your butts with money."
— Jacinto Reth
"What a farce of a human."
— Kat Kuhl

Jacinto Reth is a male human man who is white, 35 to 40 years old and looks like Will Arnett. This intergalactic scumbag was first encountered by a young Trystan Valentine and friends during a mission on Tatooine [1]. He would later crop up again during one of the Mynock crew's first adventures, this time as an Imperial informer. His talents involve lying, being weird, and threatening to fill people's butts with money.

Binbon repeatedly calls him Rex Crispin and Crispin Rex.


  1. Campaign:Flashback Episode One and Campaign:Flashback Episode Three

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