"You know what, I dig your approach. Very thorough. That’s not a word that I throw around here a lot."
— Tryst to Lyn[3]

Official Background

Lyn is a big ol’ mystery right now, isn’t she?


"I’m one of the Luroons, and we spend the majority of our lives in school."
— Lyntel'luroon introducing herself to the crew.

Lyn was once a scientist with the Republic's ExploraCorps. Lyntel is a professor of anthropology, an archaeologist, and has a degree in library science.[4]

Lyn is a genius when it comes to engines. She created a specialized engine which utilizes crystals that -- in the right formation on a well-armored, fast ship -- can steal the power from another ship.[3]

At some point she went undercover with Windy Starkiller in the pop band the Kaiburr Crystals, a front organization for drugs and rebellion.

Lyn first encounters the other protagonists on Myrkr, where she was studying the force-sensitive lizards of that planet. After the crew steal the engine of her ship, she joins them as half-owner of the Mynock.

On Mandalore, Lyn provides the crew with a connection to the Kaiburr Crystals. She stays back with Tamlin during most of the action.

On Phindar, Lyn joins everyone in sneaking into BHIKKE.

Physical Description

If Lyn were a human woman, she would appear to be in her early 30s. She's an absolutely stunning Twi’lek with big honey-colored eyes. [5]

She is about 5'7" (170cm), is orange, and has very short lekku which only reach to her chin. She has disruptive coloration tattoos, which means kind of tiger-like little stripes here and there in browns and golds and other oranges. [3]

After she reveals that she practiced tomb raiding, Bacta and Leenik asked her to stop wearing such revealing short-shorts (a la Lara Croft). It feels inappropriate...there are two kids here.- Leenik.[4]


Lyn's is officially bisexual and over the series, past relationships have been hinted at including very probably a princess or two, Zara Zoisite and/or Windy Starkiller, and Fentara Ren.

Fitting In With The Crew

Tryst: Yeah, well, you should know that this is a results-oriented crew, and we get results fast, even if it means a bunch of scientists are murdered. I really do regret that, now that I am saying it out loud.
Lyn: I do not mind when Imperials die, not at all. But I do have a problem with people not thinking plans through. not realizing allies when they see them.
Tryst: (Laughing.) You are not going to fit in on this ship. Listen, you’re totally right and honestly, you’re probably the voice of reason we could use. We did not think that plan through, and we were working off of basically zero information.[6]


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Pictures of Lyn

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