Prologue Episode Two

Opening Crawl

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...

When we last left our heroes, Grizelle Jorun, Leenik Geelo, Trystan Valentine, and R2-D20, they were on the run from the Galactic Empire, which had just invaded Tatooine, the Outer Rim world which is famous for lawlessness. The group is being pursued by dark Hand of the Emperor, Aava Arek.

Left without a ship or a safe place to hide, our heroes must turn to Dangerous Allies to evade their even more Dangerous Enemies. Will our heroes be able to remain in hiding? Will they find a way off world? Will they even survive?

Find out on this episode of One Shot!


Backstory Additions

Grizelle: Nightsister, commanded a squadron at age 12. Age 14, got a rancor. Age 16 picked a mate, fell in love with the male slave (a Zabrak).

Tryst: Not a great smuggler. Smuggled Jedi for the renown. Had his ship recently impounded (and crew arrested) after smuggling an older Jedi to Tatooine. Ship was named the Antoinette Rose (after his mother).

Leenik: Well known for his 'Unorthodox Methods' (what would come to be known as 'pulling a Leenik'): getting captured on purpose and escaping.

R2-D20: Got attached to his Padawan. Saved the Padawan's master after a daring mid-flight ship-to-ship transfer when the master was incapacitated.

Nebulous Kanan

The events of this episode exist in Nebulous Kanan, as they were recorded for One Shot and before they decided to make this a long form campaign. The players have not quite found the characters' voices, and some minor events and descriptions contradict what is said in Campaign proper. The events could be considered Kanan unless otherwise contradicted in later episodes.