Prologue Episode Three

Opening Crawl

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...When we last left our heroes, they were still fleeing the Galactic Empire. After a hair-raising encounter with Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt, our heroes have been tasked with harming the Empire in any way they can, as well as stealing a ship to flee Tatooine.

Can Grizelle Jorun, Leenik Geelo, Trystan Valentine and R2-D20 escape Imperial Grasp? Or will they be captured or killed? Find out as the story concludes in this week's One Shot!


Backstory Additions:

Grizelle: Her husband was taken away and killed, and her son taken to become a slave. She saved her son and fought her way through many of her sisters, including Aava. Force-stole the knowledge of how to fly from Aava's pilot, and stole the ship to escape Dathomir.

Tryst: Stole an imperial cruiser to escape, which has plans for the 'Doom Orb' in the glove box. HE READ THE PLANS, and crashed the ship due to all of the READING. Left the plans aboard the wreckage. The ship exploded after the wreck, in the middle of a Bothan village. Many Bothans died.

Leenik: On the Empire's bad side, took the same bounty from the Empire and the Hutts, and turned it in to Bossk instead of the Empire.

R2-D20: Was on Kamino for Order 66. Sian was killed during Order 66; R2 escaped with the aid of a clone (Bacta).

Nebulous Kanan

The events of this episode exist in Nebulous Kanan, as they were recorded for One Shot and before they decided to make this a long form campaign. The players have not quite found the characters' voices, and some minor events and descriptions contradict what is said in Campaign proper. The events could be considered Kanan unless otherwise contradicted in later episodes.