Prologue Episode 4

John Patrick Coan, Johnny O’Mara, and Matt Kubinski return for another series of Star Wars episodes! However, this time Kat Murphy is stepping in as GM, and James will be playing alongside the rest of the party.

It has been five years since the last series of episodes, and it is over a decade before Luke Skywalker leaves Tatooine. The crew is making their living as bounty hunters, but danger looms on the horizon…

Opening Crawl

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, 13 years before the Battle of Yavin...

...the dark side waxes as the shadow of the Emperor envelops the galaxy. Five years after the shattered remnants of the Jedi Order failed to capture Darth Vader with a trap set on Kessel, many fugitives of the former order believed hope of an organized rebellion was lost. However, Grizelle Jorun, a former Nightsister from the mysterious jungle planet of Dathomir, has provided the shattered order of knights with a solution: using her strange knowledge of the force and her bond with her son, she has discovered a way to shield the beleaguered Jedi from the senses of the Emperor. Ahsoka Tano, leader of the fledgling Rebel Alliance, has made good use of this reprieve to gather what little forces the Jedi have to make coordinated attacks against the growing Empire. However, not all enemies of the Empire live and act so nobly. Some have turned to lives outside the law, existing as smugglers, bounty hunters and soldiers of fortune. We find a group of such scoundrels on the planet of Alderaan, one of the few worlds which remains relatively free of Imperial influence. While there is no sign of the Empire on Alderaan, our heroes, Leenik Geelo, Trystan Valentine, R2-D20 and the clone soldier known as Bacta find there is no shortage of danger anywhere in the galaxy…


Plot Summary

The crew of The Mynock are on the planet Alderaan chasing after a bounty on a wanted drug dealer. Inside a dark warehouse, they have a run-in with a group of smugglers.

Featured NPCs

Ekblet: A Toydarian that sells drugs to kids.

Grovakk: A Wookiee that forgot to call his mom on Life Day.

Li'sai: A Twi'lek femme-fatale smuggler.

An unnamed Devaronian.

Nebulous Kanan

The events of this episode exist in Nebulous Kanan, as they were recorded for One Shot and before they decided to make this a long form campaign. The players have not quite found the characters' voices, and some minor events and descriptions contradict what is said in Campaign proper. The events could be considered Kanan unless otherwise contradicted in later episodes.