Prologue Episode Five

The crew has been tasked with rescuing Grizelle’s son from the clutches of Aava Arek. Now our band of heroes must steel themselves to match wits with the Hand of the Emperor… or dress up as stormtroopers and tool around for half an hour.


Featured NPCs

  • R1 unit.
  • Darth Vader (voiced by James.)
  • Mother Talzin.
  • Dark Helmet (voiced by James.)
  • Radar Technician (Michael Winslow voiced by James.)
  • Stormtroopers 1 (Bacta as Lieutenant 1812), 2 (Tryst), and 3 (Leenik).
  • Desk guard on the detention level who looks like a Bothan, but of course he's a human.
  • Chicklet: The most wanted Toydarian in the galaxy.
  • Stormtrooper in Bucket Helmet.


  • Movie/Television Callbacks:
    • Beverly Hills Cop
    • SNL: Bill Murray's Star Wars Lounge Act
    • Spaceballs: Rick Moranis' Dark Helmet, Tim Ross's black stormtrooper, and Michael Winslow's beeps, bleeps and creeps
    • Donald Trump and The Apprentice
    • Darth Vader and Starkiller
  • Transporting a prisoner, for transport.
  • The Board of High-Performing Stormtroopers.
  • The GM has had enough of the stormtrooper voices.  GM: Bacta is going to speak in Australian.
  • Tryst finds Aava's kimono and dons it.

Nebulous Kanan

The events of this episode exist in Nebulous Kanan, as they were recorded for One Shot and before they decided to make this a long form campaign. The players have not quite found the characters' voices, and some minor events and descriptions contradict what is said in Campaign proper. The events could be considered Kanan unless otherwise contradicted in later episodes.