Episode Fifty Six

Prepare to get totally Cray Cray! ONE SHOT has been on the air for a whole year and to celebrate we are bringing back your favorite band of dysfunctional adventurers, The Crazy Partiers. A lot has happened since the first year. Inwe, played by Kat, went back to school. Remy, played Patrick O'Rourke by drank his way into retirement. Aldove, played by John Patrick Coan, left the church and got engaged. Cob...Cob, played by Zack Mast, got arrested for bathing with a pony.

Darkness is on the rise and it will take our band of heroes getting back together to save the day!


If you missed the original five-part Crazy Partiers adventure, it starts with Episode 1, right here !

The last part of that series, Episode 5, is here .

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