Inspector Jackie Can't Catch A Break Part 1

Pizza Party Rumble

Welcome heroes, to a new month of ONE SHOT!

This episode Chris Sims, John Patrick Coan, and Kat Murphy team up to recreate a '90s Kung Fu action movie. Their characters Inspector Jackie, Angela Chan, and Bobby Euphrates defend a special little pizza shop in the Bronx called “Ancient Chinese Pizza” from the deadly Snake Skin Triad. Kick back and crack open an ice cold Pepsi(TM) and listen to fists fly.



Inspector Jackie returns from Hong Kong to visit his brother in New York on his birthday. He is greeted by Bobby Euphrates, a rough street kid given a second chance by Jackie's brother Raymond, owner of the "Ancient Chinese Pizza" restaurant. Inside the shop, Jackie's niece Angela is neglecting her chores to play Street Fighter.

Jackie barely has time to set his foot inside the door and greet his family before a gang of thugs come in trying to strong-arm Raymond into selling his restaurant, decorations and all. Before long, a fight breaks out, and together Jackie, Bobby and Angela send the thugs packing. Bobby recognizes the tattoos on one of the thugs as Snake Skin Triad, a criminal gang that Bobby has run into before.

Raymond leaves Angela in Jackie's care to put the deed to the restaurant in a safe deposit box.