John Patrick Coan

John Patrick Coan (JPC) is a Chicago improviser and a regular performer on the Campaign podcast, as well as a frequent guest on the One Shot. On Campaign, he plays Trystan Valentine.

JPC has been in more episodes of One Shot and Campaign than anyone except for James and Kat, having been in every episode of Campaign (up until Sidequest Episode One). He also has the odd honor of having filled roles of Player, Game Master, Surprise Call-In Guest, and NPC. Should he manage to appear as a Player Character and take over as a Host, he will have filled every conceivable role on the podcast.

Possibly only part of a bit by Victoria Stuart (unconfirmed)


JPC is also responsible for the creation of several hashtags from the CAMPAIGN podcast. Among these are:

Featured Episodes and Series


  1. Episode Twelve

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