Kat couldn't join us this week, so we decided to cover our most important topic yet -- Pigs in Space.

Be warned -- this is our silliest episode yet.  (And yes, that includes the Bigger Luke one.)

You can catch more Johnny O'Mara, James D'Amato, and Kat Kuhl on the Campaign Podcast at


Opening and closing music by @samuraiguit.  Logo by @JasonBaesel.  Send questions, comments, and tips to @roguetldr on Twitter.

'A puffer pig has a nose for precious minerals. It can do the job of a dozen mining scanners!'



Here's a handy list of all the critters we talk about this week.

Nickname, Species Name, (Individual Name)

“Hammerhead”, Ithorian, (Momaw Nadon)

“Walrus Man”, Aqualish, (Ponda Baba)

“Squid Head”, Quarren, (Tessek)

“Prune Face”, Dressellian, (Orimaarko)

“Yak Face”, Yarkora, (Saelt-Marae)

“Snaggletooth”, Snivvian, (Zutton)

List of Pigs in Space

  1. Snivvians
  2. Gamorreans
  3. Ugnaughts
  4. Puffer Pigs
  5. Happabores
  6. Jablogians
Here are pictures of Luke, Yoda, Piggy, and Kermit hanging out.

Direct Link!

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