For our 25th episode, James and I get to talk to Bill Slavicsek, the author of the Star Wars Sourcebook, very first Star Wars reference I ever owned.  I can't express how pleased and honored I was to interview one of the best Star Wars creators of all time.

Fans, thanks to all of you for motivating us to take it this far.  You're the dead mentors whispering to us to let go and take the shot.

If you want more of Bill's work, he can be found at  He is also currently contributing to the Elder Scrolls MMO!

You can catch more Johnny O'Mara, James D'Amato, and Kat Kuhl on the Campaign Podcast at

Opening and closing music by @samuraiguit.  Logo by @JasonBaesel.  Send questions, comments, and tips to @roguetldr on Twitter.  Our Spacebook page, managed by Livi Watkinson, is


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