In the Pathfinder Role Playing Game by Paizo , brave adventurers explore a magical world.

Listen to James, Kat, JPC, Zack Mast and Patrick O'Rourke play this dungeon crawl in the first five episodes of One Shot!

Feast Hall of Ash

After stumbling across a threat to their village, a group of heroes must navigate a conflict between the courts of two elusive Fey. All the while Fomoire raiders sail up the Phanree River Threatening all they happen across. Only those with sharp minds and swift blades will be able to decide the fate of the Feast Hall of Ash and protect the village of Iria. 

This introductory module is meant for 4 players with 2nd level characters.

Imperiums Campaign Setting is designed by Mór Games and is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Find out more and buy the adventure here.

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