Talking Tabletop 6

Hamish is a game designer from New Zealand. He sits down with Jim to talk about his game: The Sprawl. They also cover Hamish's love of action movies, the Tunnel of Love, what it takes to put out a game, what it takes to get into gaming, and many other tabletop topics.

Hamish on Twitter
Ardens Ludere

Show Notes
1:51: Hamish and Jim talk about their love of trading card games and what it was like trying to get into the hobby in New Zealand.

8:30: Hamish talks about getting into game design with a Fighting Fantasy heart breaker.

13:44: Hamish introduces a new term "Tunnel of Fun", a consensual form of railroading.

20:54: Hamish talks about his love of action movies and how that has influenced what he plays and how he designs games.

30:40: Hamish talks about some of the hardships and difficulties he faced while making The Sprawl.

41:09: Hamish talks about designing games out in the open and what he thinks of the concerns of people stealing designers ideas.

52:33: The hard questions begin.


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